Many of the backyard landscape ideas you see in magazines or around your neighborhood may look too complicated for you to recreate or maintain. If you can incorporate a couple of design tricks into your home, however, you may be delighted to discover that that visually appealing design you are drooling over can now be yours with minimal effort.

  1. Keep a close eye on how you use color in your landscaping design. Adding brightly hued blooms in pots or garden plots can be enough to wake up the dreary browns and dull greens. To give an expansive yard that cozy, intimate atmosphere, you can use darker plants as hedges, while the lighter colored ones will help you achieve the opposite effect.
  2. When you are not ready to tackle any gardening projects just yet but would still want to freshen up the look of your backyard, you can look for an interesting outdoor décor that will draw the eyes away from those weedy sections of the yard. Be it a large birdbath or a couple of gnomes, you can make this décor your focal point until you find the time or budget to work on the rest of your backyard.




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